Association Members Ask, “What is In It For Me?”


Has attendance dropped at your association meetings? Has your membership numbers contracted? If you honestly answer either of the above concerns in the affirmative, you are not alone. Each association executives and their boards of directors are asking, “What do we do about our shrinking membership?”

Your membership and meeting attendance could be decreasing mainly because of the economy, market consolidations, 9/11 or perceived worth. The only a single of these motives more than which you have some manage is the final on my list-worth.

More than the final half-decade, a lot of association executives and boards have been lured into complacency by the opiate, or narcotic, of very good instances and a sturdy company atmosphere. Quite a few providers began sending a higher quantity of workers to their market meetings as a reward rather than as an educational practical experience. Now a lot of of these providers are sending fewer people today. Quite a few associations have discovered their prospective pool of members decreasing mainly because of many market consolidations, mergers or acquisitions. Quite a few associations have forgotten about worth.

Lately, for a regional association, I delivered a morning keynote presentation followed later that afternoon by facilitating an market roundtable discussion. As I commonly do when I facilitate a discussion, I asked the attendees to place on the flipchart what was most on their thoughts in reference to their market. Then I asked them to weigh the significance of every single of the things on the list. This group place their association membership on the prime. This association had just a bit more than 10% of the probable membership offered to join. It was a dilemma mainly because of the strength they would have to have for coming legislative challenges.

I recommended to the attendees that there are fundamentally two types of people today that join associations and attend association meetings. Initially, like most of the people today in the space that day, are the market members that help their association regardless of the excellent of the meeting or its place. Then there are the other folks, they commonly count on to get far more out of the association than they place into it. They count on that the synergy of the collaborative occasion will provide a higher quantity of worth to them than they spend in dollars and time.

To bring back association backsliders from their disappearance and abandonment, it is time for each association executive and their board members to ask, “How do we provide far more worth and how do we show the worth we at the moment present?” The very first component of the query will be diverse for every single association primarily based on the distinct requirements of the players in their market. The second component of the query was the topic of the roundtable discussion I described earlier.

Initially I asked the expense of membership, and then I asked the attendees to inform me what their association did for them. As we listed on the flipchart the beneficial solutions this association delivered to its members, I also asked them to assign realistic dollar values to every single item. For this regional association, the expense of membership and attendance at the two semi-annual meetings was pegged at around $1,600. Just after significantly less than an hour, the group came up with membership worth in genuine dollars at $five,800. Had we have had far more time I think the membership worth quantity would have been greater.

I think the very best way for an association to develop its membership is by way of a a single to a single approach that is a single existing member bring in a new or lost member every single year. Realistically, not all members will do this, but a lot of will. Would not you like a 20%, 30% or far more improve in membership, and revenues for your association? I recommended to the roundtable attendees that their association could make an Association Worth brochure and/or a Worth PowerPoint presentation to support existing members show other owners in their market the worth of association affiliation. This would support the existing members to far more very easily articulate the motives for their private emotional ownership in their association. Give ’em the ideal tools, and people today will amaze you with their outcomes.

As a primer for your personal Worth Brochure, listed beneath are the actual solutions and values provided to me by the group:

$1,000 for market distinct technical instruction provided twice a year.

$1,000 for company, management and marketing and advertising instruction twice a year.

$300 for month-to-month legislative updates.

1,000 for coupons for goods and solutions provided by the national organization with national and regional membership.

$600 for legal seminars provided twice a year.

$200 networking worth at semi-annual meetings.

$300 tax savings on earnings spent attending vacations (meetings).

$500 for mentoring possibilities offered by way of meeting attendance.

$200 for item understanding gained at meetings.

$200 for organization credibility and image linked with membership.

$300 for education in accessing regional publicity.

$200 for publicity and exposure by way of association membership.

Probably you could argue with some of the distinct dollar values listed above? That is fine mainly because you now have purchased into the worth concept, now you are just haggling more than the actual amounts. If potential association members or market leaders, quibble more than the actual worth amounts-that is excellent as well, mainly because they have also purchased into the worth concept. Any wise company leader can see that it tends to make very good company sense to join their market association and obtain $five,800 worth of worth for a smaller investment of $1,600.

Try to remember, your association has manage more than the quantity of worth provided to its membership. Probably your members, armed with the ideal recruitment tools, can support market players that are non-members in perceiving a greater worth in association membership? Give ’em the ideal tools, and probably your members will amaze you as well?

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